Our Achievements

Recent Achievements and Challenges

At the start of the 2017/18 Rotary year, the club had 31 members, 7 women and 24 men with varied classifications. Eighteen of the Club members were in club leadership positions. While the majority of club members participated actively in club service and social activities, only 3 members sponsored new Rotarians and there was no member serving beyond the club during the year. The club planned 12 Board meetings and 6 club assemblies during the year and it was on course to achieve this target.

Rotary club of Mbarara has hosted two “Mega Fellowships”, one in 2015/16 and another one in 2017/18, at which more than 80% of all the clubs in Uganda have been represented. These two events were not only a resounding success but also served a great deal to enhance the public image of the club.

Currently the club is participating in a District Public Image grant (Mission Green), and has just closed a 40,000 US dollar global grants project at Kamwengye Vocational institute, training the youth in personal development skills in catering.

Rotary Club of Mbarara is also in partnership with Mbarara Municipal Health Centre Four, to provide some equipment to the maternity ward. In the month of June 2017, the club handed over equipment worth 8 million to this Hospital and hopes to do more during the year.

One of the challenges the club has faced is high turnover of members for various reasons coupled with low recruitment of new members, which has resulted in a low membership growth.

The other challenge is the failure to have members serving beyond the club.

Efforts have been directed but not limited to the following projects:

  1. Environmental protection planting trees through the famous mission green drive
  2. Contributing towards the campaign to end Polio from the face of the world
  3. Equipping health centres to improve Child and Maternal health
  4. Scholarships/ (girl child at Birere, Peace and conflict resolution scholars and youth vocational training)
  5. Holy Innocents children Hospital
  6. Water harvesting at schools( Kibingo Water Harvesting Project, Birere P/S, Nyakabare P/S)
  7. Water and sanitation (Building sanitary facilities at Nyakabare P/S)

As we begin our 34th year of service, it’s my sincere hope and heartwarming to learn that our commitment to and scope of service will expand to more vulnerable communities. Together, lets continue to light up Rotary by keeping the candle burning, be a gift to the world by building communities and bridging the needs’ divide during our service above self to sum it up continue to be an inspiration to the world.

Rotary Club of Mbarara making a Difference fulfilling awide array of community development projects